Welcome to H and H Pest Solutions


We provide:

* 31+ years of experience with pests both native to the area, and the ones introduced by travelers to the Smokies.
* Thorough work and attention to detail. Some pests in the Smokies are so small and stubborn that you NEED a qualified professional to deal with them.
* Eco-friendly methods for any reason and context.
* Free estimates and service plans available upon request.
* High standards for providing excellent customer service to you, constantly and consistently.

We treat for all pests in East Tennessee –
ants, spiders, stink bugs, gnats, flies, scorpions, fleas, camel crickets, mosquitoes, roaches, bed bugs, termites, mice, rats, snakes… you name it, we will help you fight it.

Pests are not just dangerous to home property values and personal sanity, they can also be dangerous to health – allergy to bee stings, mouse droppings carrying hantavirus, disease carrying mosquitoes and even potentially poisonous spiders can be real threats in Sevier County. Trust these problems to the professionals at H&H Pest Solutions. Call us today at 865-680-5250 for all your pest solution needs.