Reviews and Testimonials

We are happy to provide references to any new potential client. We understand the importance of keeping your home and family safe. 

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“A Google User”
I have been a customer of H&H’s since shortly after becoming a homeowner over one year ago. In that time I have found Mike and Earl to be nothing but honest, reliable, hardworking and fair. Mike shows up every two months just like clockwork. He knows my schedule and what day of the week is best for me. He always calls to set up a time and is usually waiting on me in my driveway before I can get home. The thing I appreciate the most about Mike is the level of trust that he has established with me. I can trust him to roam freely throughout the house without fear that something will go missing. Being a banker, I set out a meticulous budget before purchasing my home to see if I could afford to be a homeowner. I thought I left no stone unturned and had every possible expense that I would run across accounted for in my many spreadsheets. Pest control, however, was not something that ever even crossed my mind until after I moved in and noticed that I had a few uninvited roommates scampering across the bathroom floor. I began to ask friends and family what I could expect to pay a pest control company and was not too excited about their answers. However, Mike set me up on a bi-monthly schedule that is more cost effective for me and I can honestly say that I have not come across a single insect or pest since Mike’s first visit. My past experience with pest control companies was simply the 30 second “treatments” when they would walk into my apartment, spray a few corners, intitial a sticker on the cabinet and quickly go on to the neighbors unit. My experience with H&H has been quite the opposite. Mike and Earl are there for a minimum of 30 minutes . They always ask if I have any questions or if I have seen any pests since their last visit. I want to thank Mike for the services he provides and let everyone know what a hardworking and dependable man he is. Thank You, Chris Plemons

“A Google User”
I am an out of town owner who has been relying on H & H Pest Control to take care of my cabin monthly. It is very hard to find reliable and honest people in this area. Jenny Rankin