No matter what you have biting, clawing or digging their way into your home, H&H can stop them and help you manage protecting your property from future invasions.

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General Pest Treatments
Treatments include:

* Ants – A particularly common invader during Spring and Summer that can get into your food and spoil it.
* Bees/Wasps – Also a heavily populated pest during Spring and Summer that can be potentially dangerous to family members with allergies.
* Fleas – Irritating at minimum, painful and potentially viral at worst. Very hard to control without professional pest control.
* Bedbugs – Like fleas for mattresses. If you own a vacation cabin or hotel, you know that even a rumor of bedbugs can seriously damage your business.
* Termites – Some of the most potentially physically destructive bugs in East Tennessee. Home inspectors have whole sections of their appraisals dedicated to termites for a reason.
* Spiders – Though rarely dangerous in the conventional sense, they can invade homes in multitudes and be traumatic for young children and adults with arachnophobia. Tennessee is also home to occasional Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders.
* Mosquitoes – Extremely irritating and potentially viral. Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus have been reported near East Tennessee.
* Mice – Without treating your house for mice, you could be in for a major headache. Mice can wake you up at night bumping around in vents and walls, they can chew through anything that isn’t made of metal, they can squeeze through surprisingly small openings, and they breed prodigiously. Tennessee is also home to White Footed Deer Mice which leave copious amounts of droppings infected with hantavirus. If you have small birds for pets, mice can get in their cage, steal their food, leave infected droppings, and be fatal to them. If you have mice, you need professional pest control.
* Snakes – Not as common a problem inside homes, but potential problems all the same. Can be traumatic for children and adults with ophidiophobia. Tennessee is home to Cottonhead Snakes and Rattlesnakes, which are venomous.

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We treat for all these and more with state of the art, constantly updated and maintained equipment along with eco-friendly solutions. We are locally owned and operated, have more than 31 years experience dealing with these pests and many more through all kinds of climate hiccups and changes, and we provide free estimates for all clients.

Our business depends on putting quality Customer Service as a #1 priority, and that is what you get from us. Your business, both at home and at work, depends more on keeping these critters out than you might imagine. If you are experiencing one or more of these pests on your property, call us today at 865-680-5620.